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Family Discount??


Four of us in the house. Two already on the €30/month sim only rolling contract. Two others are considering moving to this deal. Do you offer any discount for all four in the house? We would be willing to put all four sims on the one account.   

Re: Family Discount??

@D_Scott  They def can't move all numbers to one account, I've queried that before and I'm not sure about a Sim Only discount is there any offer online and are the other numbers moving from a bill plan so would it be a lower plan? All networks work the same  and I know this from my own experience with them all..they're not going to apply a discount on an already cheaper plan so if they're on something for 60, then they won't discount a plan for 30. 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Family Discount??

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3 Community Manager

Hi @D_Scott and cheers for reaching out to our Community!

@Mac_n_cheese  is correct in terms of not being able to add numbers onto one account unless its a business account? The best thing to do is to Private Message me with  your account information i.e. name, numbers, address and date of birth so I can actually check the account(s) for you. We don't have discounts that would line up with what you're querying but I've passed your interest to the relevant team for future developments. 


@Anyone else that's querying discounts in relation to upgrades, our Mods are happy to discuss account specific discounts and loyalty offers with you Heart

They'll need your numbers though so send these in a PM. If you're not sure who they are, don't worry! I've put an article together to introduce them here - Meet The Mods



Re: Family Discount??


Hi Rachel, thank you for the reply.


The other accounts are not actually with Three at the moment. They are out of contract with their current provider and so I'm shopping around to see if I can get a better (sim only!) deal. Myself and my Mrs are on the €30 rolling sim only contract with Three and I thought if I brought over the kids accounts too, we might get some kind of discount. I'm surprised none of the networks seem to offer a multi account discount (apart from Business). 


I see Virgin are doing the same contract as yours (and on your network!) for €25 a month so I may save myself €20 a month and move us all there. 



Re: Family Discount??

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3 Community Manager

@D_Scott I can see your point about the multi-account discount, we only have the facility to do this on business accounts. We do have an offer for Prepay All You Can Eat Data. Bring your number(s) to Three and enjoy a bonus credit of €10 each month for a year. It's a 28-day plan, activated by €20 top up and gives your kids Unlimited data/Unlimited texts and Unlimited Three to Three calls so they could ring you and you can ring them for free. Do you think that would suit them? It's one of our most popular plans and you can schedule the top up every month so you don't have to remember to top up. The €20 top up is not touched to activate the plan so you get all those benefits and still keep €20 on the balance as well as the extra €10 as part of the deal. 


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