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EU Roaming in Spain not functional?



We have a 20 euro Billpay all you can eat account that we have used perfectly roaming in Northern Ireland, UK, Holland and Belguim to roam with data under the 5GB Euro agreement.  Spain is in Euro agreement I believe but I am in the centre of NW infrastructure being Madrid and I get strong 3G signal but I have got not no data with roam active as per all other counties.

I expected coverage light away in country but I have been disappointed as I have not even got slow or patchy data connection via Euro Agreement and my plan.


Is this a known issue, solution in play Or is there a workaround?

i not eating any data in Spain so maps banking and other function stop.  

Looking for EU agreement to work






Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?


Hi @mbramham, what network are you connected to? Is it just data that's affected? How are your calls and texts?

Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?



connected to Movistar

SMS is fine

signal is full

connection is 3G 

when I use app to improve data connection it does not move.

userday bounced around

CELL ID 71878932

LAC 28660


all signs of no data

data enable

roaming enable


performing like all towers with no data





Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?

Can you PM me your number, full name, address and date of birth, please? I'd like to get this checked out. 

Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?


FYI PM sent with requested info

for other following this as you may be planning trip or have similar issues....


situation has not improved 

we had one short period of connection as we walked around all of Madrid over 2 days. Was hoping that data was resolution on way but suspect it may be just change of cell tower moved us into roaming to another provider for brief moment...

We are in proximity of 100 cell towers


SMS OK and I suspect phone calls should be OK

Data is none over the 3G r connection

My phone is 4G enabled and connects to register to  Moviestar 4G as 4G then get listed as 3G r.   I assume this is a 4G connection restricted to 3G.  Signal 100%, cell coverage good but data indicates no Cellular. Data thus none provided as I tried to use app to improve data connection type of cellular data connection.

Ireland, UK, Holland, Belguim are all fine.

MAdrid Spain has no roaming data, suspect situation is wider than Madrid


Hoping we can have resolved EU roaming in Spain with our 3 sim as we are now about a month in Spain

then brief stay in Portugal



Malcolm (not eating much 3 EU Roaming data in Madrid Spain, living by WIFI, no just in time banking with no data so with smart phone that is somewhat challenged, I could have maybe found my old Nokia  3300 that runs for week on one charge as it does SMS and phone calls as that is all I get, ahhh I recycled it to someone that could reuse it.....)

Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?

Hi Malcolm 👋 I've just replied to your PM. Ashlee 

Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?


HI Ashlee

for others tracking this I provided further indentification request in PM

got short data cellular connection in Museum district of Madrid but none now and totally unreliable..

EU data roaming still really not happening.

SMS is fine, cells heaps and signal 100%

Assume phone is fine to make call.

issue I use a range of options that require data 

move to Barcelona tomorrow so I will get a different view of the EU roaming using 3 mobile.


malcolm on an EU roaming Spain data fast

Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?


Hi those tracking this


i provided info to Ashlee as requested to validate me.

I got two messages 

one was system message asking did help resolve issue?

second was PM asking how is it going?


As for what action has been made, registration change, roaming NW provisions for 3 customer or me I can't tell you as I know info provided to me....


WHat I do know...

Sunday 27 August AM

Tried cellular data at Main Madrid railway station 10AM (near museum district I had had success previously) I got cellular data down good but up slow so not good for VOIP call...

As we travelled on high speed train AM to PM same day Madrid to Barcellona I tried to activate cellular data on connected phone at a few of the larger regional towns...  I got no cellular data but check was limited to the couple of minutes stop and leaving station.  So regional towns I suspect are issue but time too short to look at cell coverage as I needed Internet to populate cell locations.  Could not use app to improve connection to improve chance of cellular data due to short stop.  I suspect size of town and location that we would have cell coverage and should have got cellular data.


Good news in Barcelona is we seem to have cellular data coverage here.  Does come and go in same location (connection to differrent cell tower I suspect or traffic)  but good enough to count on.  

Tried celluar data data speed and was 11MB up and 4 MB down so voip would be fine.

we are close to a tower.

NW is Moviestar that is same as Madrid and connection is 3Gr as per Madrid

used app to improve data connection and after a while it holds on Mobile 3G

FYI -41dBM with 85% to close tower....



I can only confirm what i do know above but cannot confirm if Barcellona is better than Madrid due to actions of others in Three or Spanish Telcos or other reason....


Having access to map info and banking on go will be good..








Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?

Hi all
For those tracking this what was outcome.
I have travelled from Madrid to Barcelona the up to Porta del So through to San sabastain.
I found I was located near towers often and in many cities but in say 8 day I got internet data maybe 3 locations briefly.
If you need cellular data I suggest think again as EU roaming with Three in Spain does not provide really any coverage.
No real assistance either

Re: EU Roaming in Spain not functional?

You will get SMS and Mobile coverage.
We go to Madrid and head south but from what I see I don't hold much faith in Three within Spain as I suspect agreement leaves connection without data and connection cannot be raised to cellular data connection despite having many towers in close range. Much needs to be done on wifi such as banking

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