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Re: Coveragei


We both have Eir phones. 4G coverage works fine.

Our broadband is with Three and coverage has been very poor of late.

Re: Coveragei

It looks like everything is up and running in the area. Can you have a look at this checklist and let me know if it helps improve the service -

Re: Coveragei




I have reviewed the checklist and haven't seen any improvement. 

I have resorted to taking the dongle around in my pocket, plugging it in somewhere in whatever room in the house I happen to be in at the time. Even then, simple things like refreshing social media feeds is a struggle. As for trying to watch something on Netflix, forget about it.


Our devices are not the problem either. In other places I can connect to Wifi and there are no such performance issues. 


I'm going to cancel my contract. Paying €45 a month for such a non-functioning service is madness. 



Re: Coveragei

3 Staff

Hi there 👋 Has this been constant since the last time you were in contact with us? Can you PM me your full name, dongle number, address and date of birth so I can access your account and take a closer look into this? This link here will show you how to find this number 👉 


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