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Coverage/Mobile data

Hi ..

My coverage does not work in a lot of places so much as I literally have no reception at all ... also my mobile data has been cutting in and out of coverage a lot recently which it quite annoying as I'm paying for a monthly plan that is not working most of the time ...


Re: Coverage/Mobile data

Hi Megan2540 👋 If this is happening in more than one place it could be due to your SIM or phone. How long do you have your current SIM card? Can you take a look at this checklist on our Community, and let me know if that helps? 👉 

Re: Coverage/Mobile data

Hi thanks for replying ...

This phone is currently new and I got a new SIM a few months back and still
have this problem... in the last week my internet has got significantly
worse as it cuts in and out multiple times a day


Re: Coverage/Mobile data


Did you get a chance to look at the checklist? What happened when you tested your SIM in another phone? 


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