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Contract increase

New Member
I've written yesterday by replying to another thread, same as many other people, but ive got no reply.
So I'm writing here again.
I did Not agree to the change/increase of contract and didon't receive any notification.
Hence, just realised!
I need to be contacted as I want to cancel it.

Re: Contract increase

3 Community Manager

Hi Bb22, we notified customers of changes to their contracts in Early March and provided a 30 day window in which to contact our dedicated teams to discuss this. The notification period has ended. If you'd like some help with your account PM your number, address and date of birth 👍

Re: Contract increase

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New Member

Hi Rachel,Thanks for your reply.
As I specified above I have not received communication.I did not agree to the change.And I know I am still on the right to make the change.Therefore I'd appreciate your help for that to happen.
My number is *******************


EDIT: removed personal info from public view

Re: Contract increase

Hi Bb22, you posted your details publicly so I have removed them. Can you send me on the details again by PM, please? Click here to send me a PM. 

Re: Contract increase

New Member

Hi, I have just found out today about the price increase when I logged on to chat. I never received any letter notifying me of changes. I take that my 30 days notice starts from today and I want to cancel my contract. 


Re: Contract increase

New Member
Hi, somebody replied by email and after I gave my details I had no news again.
I still haven't got a solution to the issue. That was last week already.

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