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Charged €24.40 for Premium Text


I've just received my bill and have been charged €24.40 for 12 texts sent from 57030 within the space of 30 mins. I've never signed up for premium texts or sent texts to TV shows etc. Can you tell me who has taken this money?


I see that many others have complained about this happening to them. I've looked at the ComReg site and they say that I must report this to you my mobile provider first.


Please advise.



Re: Charged €24.40 for Premium Text

That's a subscription service. Happened to me a long time ago and it was cuz I clicked into an add or something. You can lodge a complaint with ComReg but Three can't do anything because the premium service takes credit based on a subscription to their service. Make sure you seen STOP to that number so you don't get more charges.
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Re: Charged €24.40 for Premium Text


I did a bit of research and found out that the company behind this is called Zamano and I set them off an email and this morning I got the following email from them:


Dear Aidan, 

We refer to your recent request for refund for Premium Services on your mobile phone.

All refunds are by Cheque, please specify who the cheque should be made payable to and the postal address the cheque should be sent to.

A block has been placed on your mobile number to prevent further premium rate charges from this service being incurred in the future.
Customer Service Zamano


Hopefully they'll send the cheque!

Re: Charged €24.40 for Premium Text


Delightful! You should Mark your answer as solution if possible,to help others that end up being charged like you were. 

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