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Cannot Roam in Portugal

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I have Samsung S6 Edge plus and I'm on 3 Classic Flex Max plan. I was in Portugal recently (after new roaming rules were introduced) and was unable to roam. Tried everything and just could not. Trying to find the root cause I can now see My Settings letting me chose the below (initially it was set to Ireland only).


Can you please confirm that the below setting are now correct and will let me roam when abroad and the data will be taken from my allowance (in EU)? If this is the case - fine, but I'm still dissatisfied as I wasn't made aware that these settings needed to be changed prior to travel.


Please also explain if I'm on Full or Real Time Roaming - these options are meant to be in My Account but can't see it. This seems to be a conflicting information.





Three User


Internet access settings.

All usage abroad will not come out of your monthly allowance but will be billed to your account.

You are set up to access the internet in Ireland and abroad.

> View rates

Choose where you want to be able to use data:

X Ireland and abroad
- Ireland only
- I don't want to be able to use internet anywhere.

Re: Cannot Roam in Portugal

Yeah that should work for you.
Restarting your phone might speed up the process

Posted From Android 2.0

Re: Cannot Roam in Portugal

3 Moderator

Hi @Aga 👋 I'd like to take a look at that for you and would be more than happy to go through all of that with you. Can you pop me a PM with your mobile number, address and date of birth along with your own full name and I'll see what's going on? Ashlee 

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