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Cancelling the contract due to service not provided


I want to cancel a 30 day rolling contract related to 30 EUR broadband deal.
A week ago "3" saleswoman in the shop advised to me that they offer 4G internet and my address is covered by 4G with unlimited (750G) data usage which I could exploit for large data streaming
and gaming, watching videos and so on...

So, based on above confirmation I decided to sign up into 30 day agreement with them.
I have my own router H B715 which I have successfully used while ago in Poland where I had similar service purchased which worked nicely.
I was hoping for the same in here, in Dublin 8, Inchicore. I got a sim card and I have setup my router successfully and nearly instantly I got some sort of service.
Operator "3" was selling to me 4G but speed tests were showing only about 2Mb per second (download). Hence that speed is classified as 2G (H) .
If I knew that speeds were that slow I wouldn't signed into a contract with them.
I changed setup on my router for 3G and then time to time speeds goes up to 4-7 Mb/s which is still not enough for advertised heavy data usage for video streaming and gaming.
Simply it is still 2G or 3G but not 4G where speeds should be above 20 Mb/s.
I raised a technical failure (ref: 2788831) week ago. Nothing has been corrected since that moment. It is still very slow, on peak time 2Mb/s when I use it the most.
It is unacceptable. They advised on the phone to me that there are some works done on masts hence 4G service is not provided, but when I was signing a contract I asked selling person
to check again and confirm if service was provided and she said yes.
So they sold to me intensionally a service that is not offered in my area as technically speaking there is an ongoing issue with masts that should cover Inchicore.
Another "3" agent told me about masts issue day after purchase that. Same was confirmed today. Hence they have ongoing issue with masts and lack of 4G service.
In other words, they sell service that does not exist which is well known to them.
That is inmoral, unethical, and in my opinion it is illegal.
I checked this and other forums in relation to 4G adventure with "3" and it looks like same issue applies to a much wider area. Simply they lie that they have reliable 4G.
They do not have it. It exists only on their maps, but not in reality.

Based on that issue and raised ticket (that still has not been successfully resolved) I wanted to cancell the service on basis of faulty service by "3".
Faulty means actually no 4G available to me. I called them couple of times, also had chats on their communicator and I was told that I should pay Early termination fees,
this month bill + 30 days of notice.

For this lack of service I do not want to pay even 1 cent and simply will not pay any.

I bought it week ago and claimed lacke of 4G speeds day after. It does not work the way it was advertised, it is not suitable for me.
I'm sure that it will not be fixed in the nearest future as it has not been resolved for years for other clients who have made complaints to Three.
Just to compare, in Poland I could get wired LTE with speed 100 Mb/s and WIFI with 23 Mb/s. Here with "3" it is 10 times slower when I test it in the afternoon.

Can someone help me to exit of this contract without any charges and fees?

Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,
Unhappy "3" client.

Re: Cancelling the contract due to service not provided

3 Moderator

Hi @n111 can you send me a PM with your full name, broadband number, address and date of birth, please and I'll look into this?

Re: Cancelling the contract due to service not provided

Hi I have a similar problem as well. I have been getting really bad data signal since I signed up to 3 bill pay plan and I had been charged €60 by “accident” last month and this month I got charged €20 extra because I received eight spam messages.

I have been contacting 3 almost every month since I signed up to this plan.
I would like to know how can terminate this contract.

Thank you.

Re: Cancelling the contract due to service not provided

3 Community Manager

@KK Hello there, there seems to be a few things to look at 1: signal and 2: billing. I'll need access to your account to check this out for you. Can you send me a PM with your number, full name, address, and date of birth? Have you looked at our announcements regarding premium text? 👉 Premium SMS 


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