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Broadband coverage/ speed issue



I am a new mobile broadband customer who took out a Pro package last week

I am using a E3531 broadband dongle

The Hilink software is showing I have 3 bars on H+ yet it takes 4 or 5 minutes to load a webpage no matter what page I try even something simple like Google takes forever to load


Tried to do a speedtest but the page would not load, speed is improved a bit now for a little while so here are the results of the speed test 


Ping 40 Ms

Download speed  0.26 Mbps

Upload speed 0.16 Mbps


The Hi Link SW has access to my Firewall , also my browser Google Chrome has access to the Firewall, I have tried with different broswers like Firefox, Edge and IE, even downgraded the laptop from Windows 10 back to Win 8.1, and tried on another laptop and on my main desktop PC, the connection is extremely slow or there is no connection possible at all.


Dongle is new, have wiped the sim several times already and if I am lucky I get a couple of hours with a normal connection so there is no problem with the dongle, sim or laptop.

It seems to go down around noon every day, I live in rural Ireland with no other users in the area so I dont think it is too busy.


I live in Churchtown North Cork

How can I improve my broadband speed and connection?

Current setting is 3G only the HiLink SW does not allow me to change this setting

Please help I took this Pro account because I need to work from home



Re: Broadband coverage/ speed issue

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Hi @Anonymous


That is pretty bad alright! You have a cooling off with any provider by law but im not sure how long that period is for - I am also sure a three rep can troubleshoot some things with you. 


Did you sign up to this in store or online?

Re: Broadband coverage/ speed issue

Hi David, Three is the only provider that has some kind of coverage here and other then the Internet I am happy with Three.
I got the package in the Three webstore

Re: Broadband coverage/ speed issue

Just of the phone with one of your reps, the Big Upgrade is getting the blame for everything Smiley Happy Not sure if that is the issue

Re: Broadband coverage/ speed issue

I'm not seeing any issues in Churchtown, and the Big Upgrade team are not in your area this week so that shouldn't be causing any issues.

Can you send a PM with the details and I'll take a look at the connections here?

Re: Broadband coverage/ speed issue

Hi Sheena, PM is gone out

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