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Broadband Bill Pay Add-On Complaint


I rarely go over 60GB,  I have achieved this about 3 times in the 24months I've been on this current contract.  


Last month I purchased a 5GB add on to my 60GB a month account,  for the price of €7.50 Recurring.   I checked my3 dashboard prior to purchasing this Add-On, and my Out of Spend Allowance was 0.00.   


I was billed by Three for €45.00 for using 750MBs Out of Allowance.   I paid this fee,  but I was 100% certain that I did not Spend out of Allowance. 


The next month I deliberately used up my 60GB allowance intentionally, triggering the 5GB Add-On to verify that it was working.  Once the 60GB Allowance finished,  the 5GB Add-On did not trigger,  and I watched my Out of Allowance Spend rise to €45.00, using 750MB over my allowance.   


I immediately rang 1913 and lodged a complaint,  but was subsequently lied to by several Customer Services reps,  who tried to bamboozle me with technical jargon.  My 5GB Add-On was then deleted. 


The Customer Services reps did not realize that I am a computer science graduate.  This morning I attempted to make a formal complaint to Three,  and was offered the choice of posting in this forum.     I demand a €52.50 refund for last month,  and the current €45.00 Out of Allowance Spend be cancelled immediately.




Re: Broadband Bill Pay Add-On Complaint

3 Moderator

Hi @JohnWalsh, I can check this out if you'd like to PM us your broadband number, name, address and DOB? 

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