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Billpay to pay as you go

New Member
I didn't receive any letter and when I rang 3 customer care about going from bill payment to pay as you go the man told me I'd have to pay a penalty fee of over €200 euro. My husband rang up and had no problems and when I did they said that I was too late and that there was a letter sent out stating I had to the 3rd of April to make the change if I'd wanted too,but if I didn't get a letter then how was it to know?? My husband got a text message about his so why could everyone not have received a message the same why?? I've had problems like this before letters in which 3 sent out and I've never received the only correspondence I receive from 3 is my bills and I am disgusted to say the least that this is happening I'm not willing to pay the cancellation fee as I fell that 3 should take more care in informing their customer of what the plans are before going ahead with anything. I really would like for someone to get back to me on this as at the moment I'm not receiving any calls or text messages from the 3 network since last Saturday and I've been on the phone constantly but no one can tell me whats going on I'm so frustrated with all this at the moment 😠😠

Re: Billpay to pay as you go

Hi there, can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth, please? I'll look into this for you. 

Re: Billpay to pay as you go

New Member
I have already sent you an email with all my details and still didn't get a reply or call back. My phone is sorted thankfully (took long enough) but I still have the problem of getting my phone to pay as you go into want to change but with not getting this letter it's creating some difficulty

Re: Billpay to pay as you go

What email address did send them to? If you can send them to me again in PM I can access your account and look into this for you. 

Re: Billpay to pay as you go

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I replied to this address I think my name is **bleep**



EDIT: removed personal info


Re: Billpay to pay as you go


You have posted your details publicly, can you delete them here and send in PM please?


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