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Billpay account end contract

Dear three,

I'm really sad but I had to leave the country for a long time and I won't be able to pay the montpy rates and I'm not able to pay my remaining monthly rates in one payment either. What Can I do? Or just leave it unpaid and wait for the phone get locked? Or what else? I really sorry, but I have to work in Hungary where the monthly minimal wages is about three times more than the monthly cost of this billpay rate, even if I could use the phone but I can't because it is locked to the three ireland.

Re: Billpay account end contract


hi @Anonymous


thanks for posting on the forum. 


Sorry to see you have to leave the country but allow me to offer some help

You could set up a payment arrangement with three. Three won't unlock your handset until you have completed the full duration or paid the contract off. 


the three reps will reply in a bit with hopefully a solution. Hang tight 


Re: Billpay account end contract

Hi @Anonymous, I can run through your options with you. Can you send me a PM with your details? Sheena


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