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Bill Pay Contract Extension Issue

Hi All


My contract was up for early upgrade in June and a member of Three called me to query if I was planning to upgrade. I advised the member that I was waiting for the Note 9 to be released and that I would be upgrading to that when it came out. They offered me a 6 month contract extension and when I asked could I still upgrade to the Note 9 in August they told me yes.


Three have now told me that this is not the case and that I can't upgrade until November at the earliest. I have even offered to pay them bills that would be due between now and that date in order to upgrade now which they have declined. I have advised them that I will buy out my contract with them and move network but they still wouldn't offer any assistance.


I'm looking at logging a complaint here regarding the poor customer service and the fact that they put me into a contract knowing that it would mean I couldn't upgrade which I explicitly said I wanted to do.


I'm just wondering if anyone has come across this situation before, and if so, did you get anywhere?





Re: Bill Pay Contract Extension Issue

3 Community Manager

Hi  Kevin👋 thanks for getting in touch. I'd like to look into this for you and see what I can do on this side. To do this I'll need your number, name, address and date of birth. Can you PM me those details? Deb


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