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Age / content restriction


Hi Sir / Madam


I am on bill pay & have just signed up but my phone appears to have an adult filter on

I cant get in to certain apps, including an app I need for work

Any help would be much appreciated


Kind regards


Re: Age / content restriction


send a pm to a mod with all your details and they can disable the adult filter


Re: Age / content restriction

Bill pay adult filter? There isn't any on bill pay it's just prepay so that's odd. Does it come up restricted for you?
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Age / content restriction


I have rang three support 5 times this week and nothing has changed. I cant get in to a number of apps i need for work, including Betfair. I cant seem to pm a moderator on here, can someone message me to sort this?


thanks in advance


Re: Age / content restriction

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3 Community Manager

@jm30 Click on the "send me a PM" in my signature. Please include your number, full name, address and date of birth in the PM and @Three_Deborah1 will come back to your PM today. Thanks!


For anyone else, to send a PM to a Mod you can check out our Mods Here. Click on one of their usernames which will bring you to their profiles and then select "send this user a private message" I've highlighted it below. 


PM capture.PNG


On a mobile phone?

The other option is to look at the top right-hand corner of your phone screen and you'll see My Posts & PMs  click that.  Then on the  dropdown select inbox and there's a pink button that says "NEW MESSAGE" Just click there and start a new PM. You can type in the username of the mod you want to PM i.e. Three_Keith or Three_Deborah1


Hope that helps!


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