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Add-on erroneously applied to my account


I just noticed an Add-on for my account on that I did not purchase.


The Add-on that I did not purchase is:

International Data Roaming (active)

Cost: €10.00 a month


Why is this Add-on showing up on my account? Again, I did not purchase this Add-on.


Am I being charged for this Add-on? If so, how do I remove it from my account and how do I get a refund?


I note the following details on the International Data Roaming Add-on (Online source:

"You can cancel this Add-on at any time after the first month by calling us on 1913 (free) from your Three mobile or on 083 333 3333 from any other phone (national rate). This may be subject to a termination fee."


Please do not charge me a termination fee for something that was erroneously applied to my account.


Thank you for your time and attention.


Re: Add-on erroneously applied to my account

3 Community Manager

@ms There's no termination fee for an add-on you can cancel the add on right away. What is the name of the plan you're on and do you recall ever adding a roaming bundle onto your account at any stage? If you're on Bill pay have you noticed a €10 charge on your bills? 


Re: Add-on erroneously applied to my account


Thank you!


The plan is:

3 Unlimited Flex Max SIMO


I just moved over from iD.


I didn't add the roaming bundle.


I have not noticed a €10 charge on my bill. But the International Data Roaming Add-on only recently appeared on the page. So I want to make sure this €10 charge does not show up on a future bill.


Attached is a screenshot from the Current Add-ons section of the page for my account.




Re: Add-on erroneously applied to my account

3 Community Manager

Okay, how about I check your account here to see if the Add-on is active and if it is I'll remove it? PM your number, address and date of birth and come back to you here. 


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