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Account owner swap


I'm owner of account that is in use by my fiancee. Same other way - she is owner of account with number that i'm using. How to swap ownership or numbers between two accounts?

Re: Account owner swap


@edek004 I'm not sure that you can. I have my partner as my authorised contact so ye could do that. or when the contract ends, set up new accounts correctly.

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Re: Account owner swap

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@Mac_n_cheese What is "authorised contact"? Has that person same rights like account owner? Can be recognised by three customer service as person who can make changes?


Re: Account owner swap

3 Moderator

@edek004 an authorised contact is someone who can query any information on the account but any changes that need to be made can only be requested by the account holder. If you'd like to be added as an authorised contact on the account, your fiancee will need to get in contact to set this up 😊 


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