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Access my NAS from extern - how to setup


I'm trying to find out how to setup my router in order to be able to access my NAS when away form home. I would also need to be able to access surveillance connected via my NAS.


I'm happy with Three for many years  and have no connection issues whatsoever but I'd like to understand if a change to a public IP has performance impact or stability issues as I'm working from home and I'm reliant to have a stable connection.


Any help much appreciated.



Re: Access my NAS from extern - how to setup

Send a pm to one of the mods with your account details and ask for a static public ip address

Re: Access my NAS from extern - how to setup

I've looked at getting done before but the IP isn't static because its mobile broadband. Only way to get a truly static IP is to get fixed line and that's only for business customers. I dunno what defines a business customer though.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Access my NAS from extern - how to setup

What about stability and performance? Is there any risk to change to a static Public IP? Has anyone successfully setup a connection to access a NAS considering what Mac_n_Cheese stated?

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