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6GB Roaming Data Not Working


Last summer when I went Interrailing around Europe I could only make calls and send/receive texts. I could not get any data although my phone showed the h+ sign. I had the 20euro payg option that included 5gb of eu roaming. It didn't work no matter what country I was in.

After I returned I thought it must of been my phone or the signal I was receiving wasn't good enough.

I'm now currently in northern Ireland connected to 3 UK and surprise surprise my data still won't work. Even though I got a text saying I have 6GB of data roaming to enjoy once I top up by 20euro. I have already topped up by 20euro about a week and a half ago. So what's going on?

While Interrailing I used a htc one m9 and now I have a one plus 3 so it cannot be my phone.

Is three running some sort of a scam? Because it really seems like it. You're offering this service but it clearly does not work.

I have tried manually selecting all networks available to me in settings. No luck. I have my data set to roaming. No luck. Tried restarting my phone. No luck.

I need this sorted asap as I need to use the data while out working. I have no issues with three, coverage etc. But this could be the deal breaker.

Thank you

Re: 6GB Roaming Data Not Working

Sorry not sure if posted in wrong section. I'm not bill pay. I am payg

Re: 6GB Roaming Data Not Working

Hi Robert, is data roaming enabled on your phone? If you PM your details I'll make sure your account is set up correctly for roaming from this side 👍

Re: 6GB Roaming Data Not Working

Thanks for the reply, yeah data roaming is enabled.

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