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Re: 4G is Beyond Slow!

Try restarting your phone

Re: 4G is Beyond Slow!


ok going into 4th day of no data on phone . is three data out of order in mayo??  31-12-2018

Re: 4G is Beyond Slow!

If it's not working for you anywhere you've been then it could be an issue with the data there or could be something to do with the SIM or phone even. Where in Mayo did you say it was and have you moved out of that area in the last 4 days like from before it started happening to you? If you want input from Mods just tag them by putting @ in from of the username and that notifies them. This is a forum so it's open for other people to try to help (like me)

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: 4G is Beyond Slow!

I would enable 3g only and see if you can get some mobile data that way.


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