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4G Billpay Question


I  today signed up for the 750GB per month for 30 Euro. But When I check my3 Data Allowance it's only showing "ROI Only Data - MB 32,948
New monthly allowance starts in 3 day(s)."

"Your price plan: 3 Broadband Two - 18 Month

Data 30720 MB"


Would this mean that in 3 days I'll get the 750GB Limit, or I'm signed up only to 30GB per month? I'm confused...

Re: 4G Billpay Question

3 Staff

Hi daniel4 👋 The first thing to note is that when you change your plan, the change doesn’t start until your billing date. So until this date you are still on the previous plan. I think this link here 👉 will help explain this for you. 

Re: 4G Billpay Question


I think I understand, but I wasn't on a plan before, I signed up to a new contract. 




"ROI Only Data - MB 843,422
New monthly allowance starts in 2 day(s)."


"Your price plan: 3 Broadband Two - 18 Month
Data 30720 MB"

It updated to the above information.

Would this mean that I now have the 750GB? If not I can wait another 2 days, but I just wanted to confirm.

Re: 4G Billpay Question

Can you send me a private message with your Broadband number, full name, address and date of birth and I'll check this out for you? Aoife 


Re: 4G Billpay Question


i also upgraded from 60 gbs 42 .99 a month to the three offer of 750 gbs for 29.99 on  9/2/18 now my allowance shows up as 30 gbs my new allowance to start on the 17th will there be any difference after that date or is that it?


i did not change over for 30gbs and i was eligible for the 750gb offer   

Re: 4G Billpay Question

Hi there 👋 The new allowance of 750 GB will kick in from your next billing cycle date.  If you'd like me to check out when this will begin, just send me a private message with your broadband number, name, address and date of birth 😊  Aoife 


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