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3 billing chaos

Does anyone know how to get Three to correct a bill before the wrong amount is debited?
This is a routine problem: the bill is for the wrong amount every month, I contact Three, they assure me they’ll amend it, they don’t and the wrong amount is debited, I arrange a chargeback which apparently cancels the direct debit mandate, then they charge me for not having a direct debit mandate set up..
Has anyone had similar chronic problems with this company and how have they handled it?

Re: 3 billing chaos

Bocking14 why don't you just pay manually each month instead of direct debit, then you won't have a charge back. Is the wrong amount due to a chargeback? If it is then it's not the wrong amount it's just the chargeback on top of your bill. If you keep arranging a chargeback then your bill will be all over the place because it adds to the next bill I think. Pro-rata I think it is.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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