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Xiaomi Mi 9 Can we expect to see it...

I've been browsing furiously to decide which handset I want to upgrade to, the main players, Samsung and IPhone just aren't competitively priced. Will the Xiaomi Mi 9 be coming to three when it's released in March, it ticks all the boxes. If not I fear my contract maybe dead in the water, part of the reason for having it is the subsidised upgrade prices. All the flagships are mad money.

Re: Xiaomi Mi 9 Can we expect to see it...

@LFC4ever tell me about it. What happened to the days when you upgraded to a new phone for less than 100 and it was a newer phone. I reckon they will be releasing it but doubt they'll be able to say it until closer to the date. They always have to keep that on the quiet, even for the flagships. Are you using a Xiaomi? I'm thinking of switching from Samsung myself because I've heard great things and a price that won't break the bank.
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Re: Xiaomi Mi 9 Can we expect to see it...

I'm using the Huawei Mate 9 at the minute. My last phones before that were the Note 2 and Note 4. I've had issues with the Mate 9 as in the motherboard had to be replaced. The specs on the Mi 9 make for good reading and it should at the right price too.

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