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Topped up wrong number

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I topped up my sons phone today and realised I topped up the wrong number . 


the number I topped up in error is 35383xxxxxxx and the transaction number is 001355156499


would it possible to get the credit transferred to the correct number , I will PM the number to you 


Thanks very much 

Re: Topped up wrong number

3 Moderator

Hi @jorah987 👋 If you can PM me the number you meant to top up and add the above number you did top up om the PM as well please. Can you also let me know what method you topped up by and I can check this out for you 👍 Susan 

Re: Topped up wrong number

@jorah987 @Three_Susan that could someone's number on his post (delete?) If you top up the wrong number, it's not something that can be fixed really unless it not a real number.
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Re: Topped up wrong number

3 Moderator

@jorah987, have you sent us a PM? I can't seem to find it here. 


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