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Slow mobile internet speed


Dear Three Ireland,


Two weeks ago, I purchased an ironically named All-You-Can-Eat mobile plan with your online store. Since I received the SIM-card and slotted it in my Huawei P9 lite (running on EMUI 5.0.1) I have experienced disappointingly low internet speeds. Although advertised as 4G, I have yet to see speeds breaking the 5 Mbps mark, with speeds averaging somewhere in the ballpark of 0.2-1.2 Mbps.


I have checked your 4G coverage on the map provided on your website (, and I appear to be in an area (Dublin 5) where signals are supposed to be good - indoor as well as outdoor coverage.


I have also tried manually switching to 3G networks on my phone to test if it was any better - it wasn't. There does not appear to be any time during the day when speeds get better (or worse), it is just constantly well below what one could reasonably expect from a 4G service.


I must say, I find your All-You-Can-Eat offer very unfulfilling. And, from looking at your forums, it would seem that I am far from being alone in that. 

Re: Slow mobile internet speed

Is it just at home address you mean? Is the are built up? The coverage map, I find, doesn't take into consideration the structure of buildings/houses. It would be one thing if it was just in the eve but if your speeds don't get above 5 then it could be building structures. Bill pay SIM or Pre? If you're not happy you can switch back to whoever you were with previously. There could be some work going on there (upgrade still going on according to website) so maybe send the mods a pm to check that first before you switch.

Re: Slow mobile internet speed


I think it's a prepaid service, though a SIM card which I believe I can top up.


But to answer your overall question, then no. I don't believe that it's the structure, as the speeds are slow when I am outside, or at work in the port area of Dublin. I suspect its a matter of 3 Ireland not having the proper infrastructure to facilitate 4G speeds for all users that are using data on the network.

Re: Slow mobile internet speed

Not so much inside only..built up areas can physically disrupt the signal. buildings blocking the signal I mean. Could also be high concentrate of people using 4G in the area as well. Some of the mods have suggested switching to 3 G to test but you probably still won't get more than 5 on 3 G anyway. I think they are upgrading in Dublin, can't remember where I saw it..might have been here but I'm nearly sure of it.

Re: Slow mobile internet speed

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I certainly hope that they are!


But I did try switching to 3G - as I mentioned in the initial post - but without any noticeable difference. My hunch is that they have too many people on the networks clawing for the same inadequate amount of available bandwidth.

Re: Slow mobile internet speed

I'm not living in Dublin but yeah if there are a lot of other 3 customers using the same service at a similar time, it'll mess with your speed. You could contact mods to have it looked at just to make sure there are no issues.

Re: Slow mobile internet speed


Thanks for the advice there, Micael_Mick. But I was under the impression that my initial post would be read by a moderator or a representative of 3 Ireland.


If anything, I would have thought it would instigate some sort of response from their Support Staff. 


No **bleep** luck.

Re: Slow mobile internet speed

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@pseduaminIt's a forum so other community members provide help where they can. You can tag one of the mods or just saying "can a Three Rep help" something like that. They probably didn't reach out because @Michael_Mick was chatting to you. You can send the mods a PM as well @Three_Rachel - I've seen her help before a few times so she's tagged now for you. 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Slow mobile internet speed

3 Community Manager

Thanks @Mac_n_cheese

@pseduamin Happy to look into this for you. @Michael_Mick has gone through a few things with you so I think the best thing is to get a closer look at your service and the area. If you're happy with that, just send me a PM (you'll see the link in my signature) Include your number, name, address and date of birth. This is so I can validate your account before I look at your service specifically. Thanks'


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