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Re: Roaming

That was me attempting to place a voice call, by the way.

Re: Roaming

Can you send through a PM with your details? I'll ask Tech to take a look for you here.

Re: Roaming

To whom it may concern,

I've recently returned from a 2 week holiday in Portugal where trying to access roaming was next to impossible. I spent more time on to your live chat where the advice varied from trying another sim in my phone, to turning the phone off and on again, to changing the access point names etc etc...all of which proved to be completely useless. In our party there were three other 3 customers who had similar issues, so this was not a case of my handset being dodgy. Also in the party was a Vodafone customer who had no problem with connectivity and also a Virgin Media customer, again no problems. Simple questions; why did this happen; how do you propose to rectify it for future travel and what are you going to do to compensate me as I am entitled to Roaming Data withing the EU under my contract? Thanks Norman

Re: Roaming


Hi Norman, can you PM us your number, name, address and DOB? I'll take a look into this for you.

Re: Roaming

Just be aware all 3 customers, this is part of the response from Customer Care regarding lack of service while on holiday "We would need you to be in the country to fully investigate the issue. Due to the nature of telecommunications we can't guarantee to provide a fault free service 100% of the time. This is outlined in our terms and conditions." Do yourselves a favour if you're thinking of travelling anytime soon folks - CHANGE YOUR PHONE PROVIDER. If 3 can't provide a service (and they can't) go to someone who can. I will be moving from them as will the other members of my immediate family. Disgusting customer care.


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