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Razer Phone problems

After downloading 8.1 Oreo, i found massive stability problems with the phone.
1. Bluetooth connectivity, cant connect to external bluetooth devices.
2. signal loss at least 15 times a day, before update - perfect.
3. multi apps crash problems (freezing, crashing ect)
4. screen freezing while on call...
Did any 1 had same problems ?
All help appreciated...

Re: Razer Phone problems


Hi @christe


I'm sorry to hear you're having these issues since updating. Can you check and confirm the "software build number" showing in your settings? You can see this if you go to Settings > System > About Phone. The build no appears at the bottom of this list 👍 

Re: Razer Phone problems


Hi Lisa,


Thank you for the reply.

The build number is: OPM1.171019.011-CKH-180509.5037

Re: Razer Phone problems

3 Community Manager

No bother! You have the right software build number and the update should be working. I don't have any workaround for you. You'd have the option to send the phone for repair. If you're interested in this, please send me on your details via PM 👍

Re: Razer Phone problems


The BT issue is a known issue with the Oreo 8.1 MR1 rollout on Razer handsets. They worked fine on 8.0 (and 7.1 for that matter). You can't roll back to one of those without voiding your warranty.


An RMA will not solve the problem because during set up the handset updates to the latest MR1 release (trust me I know many people that have tried it).


There is reportedly a fix in Oreo MR2, however, that hasn't yet been rolled out for 3 branded handsets for some reason. Non branded Razer handsets had it roll out about 2 weeks ago and it fixed a variety of issues (inc. the BT one) as well as updating security to the July patches.


I've had no BT since the beginning of May this year so 5 months with no BT connectivity.


I know these things take time but 5 months is excessive by any standard. Especially as Pie rolled out at the end of August.




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