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Nougat update

New Member
Why are three so bad with software updates we have to wait for so long
Posted From Samsung SM-G920F

Re: Nougat update

3 Staff

Hi there, what update are you waiting for?

Re: Nougat update

Karen. Look at a recent post from him and you know.

But same question from me. Nougat for s6 when ?

I know samsung already released it. So when three will give us his customised version ?
Posted From Android 6.0

Re: Nougat update

Because they test all the updates that mobile phone providers give them it takes time.
Sometimes they won't take it as there maybe a another update on the way so they won't test the first one.
I always change my firmware to new generic so Im not dependent on the operator schedule

Posted From Sony E5823

Re: Nougat update

Bill. Would love to use samsungs version as well. Can I download it on their webside ? And how to get it installed ?
Posted From Android 6.0

Re: Nougat update


Im wouldnt be sure how to do it on a Samsung phone, I only use Sony phones so I have used that procedure a lot.

Something like this

Doing this technically does void your warranty.


Re: Nougat update

3 Moderator

There’s a delay to the software release due to an error found while testing. Samsung are working on this as top priority however we don’t have a release date at this time. Keep an eye on for updates.

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