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No Internet Access on Razer phone




I was instructed to make this post via Martin on Twitter from @ThreeCare



  • Do your friends and neighbours have the same issue in the same area? No.
  • Do you experience the same issue everywhere you go? Most of the time yes.
  • Is it worse in the evenings or the same all day? Mornings and evenings.
  • Did the issue start recently or has it always been like that? Happening since I have new Razer phone, start of December.
  • Do you get a particular error message? No error message.
  • How many bars of service do you see, and what letter is beside them? ie, H, H+, 4G or R. H displayed most of the time, when 4G is displayed I won;t always have internet access.
  • What phone are you using, and what version of software is on it? Razer phone, Android Version 7.1.1.

Chosen Solution

Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone

When your roaming your not connecting to the 4G network for your data, your using the 3G data connection

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Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone

Hi @MarcusMooney


I have a Razer phone as well so I'll be able to help you out with this. Firstly can you pop over to this link to double check that your settings are correctly? - Android Settings


You'll be entering them under Settings - Wireless & Networks - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names. If you're not able to edit the settings that are already there, click the plus icon at the top right to enter a new set of settings.


Make sure that you have Preferred Network Type set to LTE/3G/2G preferred, and your Enhanced 4G LTE Mode option is enabled. 


Once all of that is done and saved, back out to the front screen and turn off the phone for 30 seconds. 


Let me know how you get on with all of that Smiley Happy 

Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone


Done that, needed to create a new APN, put in all the settings, was missing the Server Name from my previous one.

Preferred Network Type was set to LTE/3G/2G preferred, and Enhanced 4G LTE Mode option was enabled. 

Have rebooted and currently have 4G connection, will see how I get on.

Test will be the journey home from work and at home, will let you know, thanks for the response.

Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone

Excellent, hopefully you'll have no more issues. I'm loving my Razer, full 4G at the moment here in Limerick Smiley Happy 


Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone


I hope so too.

Yeah I'm loving it aswell, big time gamer so being able to play games on the go is great especially with a phone like this. The clarity and quality is insane and 60fps in games on a phone is awesome.


Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone

Ditto, I swear sometimes I forget I'm gaming on a phone!


Here's a tip: you can change the refresh rate up to 120Hz -


And then see the results by floating the fps counter on the screen Smiley Happy

Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone


Thanks I knew about the refresh rate but not the FPS display Smiley Happy

Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone

Yea it has no actual function but just looks cool! 😂

Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone


So unfortunately I did not have 4G on the way home on the bus yesterday evening.

Travelling from the City Centre to Blanchardstown and not once did I have 4G, just the H or H+ symbol the entire time. Rebooted phone, turned on and off mobile data, turned on aeroplane mode and back off and same thing.

Also when I was at home in my house the same thing, please see attached photos.Screenshot_20180110-162048.pngScreenshot_20180110-165513.pngScreenshot_20180110-170921.pngScreenshot_20180110-173344.pngScreenshot_20180110-173824.png

Re: No Internet Access on Razer phone

Thanks @MarcusMooney for the screenshots and info, I'm having a look here now for you. The commute could be down to the fact that you're in a moving vehicle, so you're going from mast to mast, and it's at peak time in a busy area. 


At your home you should have 3G (H or H+) and 4G/4G+ but there are 2 different masts supplying it where you are. You should be getting 3G from a mast up towards the Navan road, NorthEast of your home. And the 4G service is coming from the West, near the turnoff for Coolmine Road. 


Now the service there for both should be very good, maybe see if you can get 4G by going to the West side of your home, near a window? 


Also how is the 3G / H / H+ service at home, as that should be quite fast there? If you could do a few speedtests and post the results that would be great Smiley Happy 


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