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New Galaxy S5 Won't Charge -solution from three?

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I have a problem with both my phone and the options for solution three are providing and am hoping you can help.


I got my Galaxy S5 on upgrade at the end of March this year. Everything was fine up until last night when I went to charge my phone and it won't charge. When I plug it in (original charger) the lightening bolt comes up to show that it has connected but it just won't charge. I tried someone elses charger this morn and that won't work either. 


I brought it to you Three store in the Parkway and they plugged it in with their charger and the same again. Then I was told that it would have to go to a technician and therefore be sent away and that this would take 3-4 weeks. I then asked would they give me a replacement phone in the meantime as I need my phone for work and they said they couldn't as all replacement phones were being used by other customers at the moment. I checked the other two stores in Limerick and was told the exact same thing - no replacements available. So basically through no fault of my own and through an obvious fault with one of your products, I was offered no solution except to loose my use of a phone for up to a month (and still be expected to pay my monthly bill which I was also told!)


To say I am disappointed and angry is an understatement. At this stage I just want a replacement phone as I can't be without for that length of time and it's very unprofessional of three I think to attempt to offer this as a solution. Could someone from three please get back to me either here or email with either a solution to try and sort the phone myself or one that doesn't leave me phoneless for up to a month.


This is my first time posting to these boards so hope I am posting in the correct place.


Looking forward to hearing from someone.




Re: New Galaxy S5 Won't Charge -solution from thre

Hi Caroline, sorry to hear about your phone, I know it's super frustrating to be left without it.

Can you send a PM with your details and I'll look into this for you?

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