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Huawei GX8 (RIO-L01) Stuck

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My Huawei GX8 (RIO L01) is stuck where the login/unlock screen should be.

On startup it goes through the Huawei screen and the three logo, but when it gets to the screensaver where you normally log in it gets stuck. All it will do is lock/unlock the screen to show the screensaver. The power button works for restart.


I've tried wiping the cache partition and doing a factory reset. No change.


I've tried updating the firmware via SD card but it gets stuck at 0%.

But there are lots of different firmware versions depending on the EMUI version (which i can only see in the phone settings if the phone is working)


I've tried doing an 'eRecover' via wifi but it results in 'Getting package info failed'


I've tried using Huawei Suite, but it won't connect as I can't get to the phone settings.



  • What's the correct firmware version? And where can I get it?
  • Anything else I can try?


Re: Huawei GX8 (RIO-L01) Stuck


Hi LordEoin


Sorry to hear you're having difficulties in getting your phone sorted. Since the steps you've tried already haven't resolved the issue for you, the only other option would be to send the phone for analysis and repair. You can have it sent away from your local 3 store.




Re: Huawei GX8 (RIO-L01) Stuck

[ Edited ]

does anyone know the correct firmware update version?

i can find many other versions for other carriers (eg vodaphone) but none for three

 i also dont know the custom number


Re: Huawei GX8 (RIO-L01) Stuck

3 Moderator

Hi there 👏 I'm going to check this out for you and get back to you as soon as possible 👌 Deb

Re: Huawei GX8 (RIO-L01) Stuck

[ Edited ]
3 Moderator

Thanks for your patience Smiley Wink The latest approved software for the GX8 is RIO-LO1C368B330 and was approved by us on the 15/08/2017. I hope this helps 


Re: Huawei GX8 (RIO-L01) Stuck


Thank you


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