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Cant register my sim


i purchased a brand new telephone the day before today at lunchtime and were not able to apply it given that. the man in the three save registered the sim there and then. This didn't work I phoned 1913 and the female informed me to sign in the sim. I did this and nevertheless not anything. I attempted registering the sim 3 instances for the reason that and i still have not come onto the network. I went to the 3 keep on my lunch smash and the girl there have me a brand new one and i registered the brand new sim there after which and i'm nonetheless no longer on the community. this is the second one day with out my telephone. I haven't any get entry to to every other telephone at some point of the day so I asked my fiancée to ring the help table for me with all my sim and personal information but they wouldn't speak to him simplest me. once more this nighttime I haven't any get entry to to a phone so i will handiest publish a comment to you. it is certainly ridiculous at this point. i'm an present 3 patron too so truly cannot understand the issue.


Re: Cant register my sim


Hi ronw1309,


I'm sorry to hear this but I can certainly help. Am I right in saying you have tried to activate the new SIM card online yourself? 

Re: Cant register my sim

Try Activating your sim card online and if you are unable to activate it then contact support directly.

bypass frp lock 

Re: Cant register my sim


Hi and Welcome to the 3Community. Stay awhile and have a look around. If you haven't already registered, now is a good time to do so.

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