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4G Speed slows down can't use internet properly.


I am using Samsung s8+ and around 6pm to about 1 in the morning my internet speed slows down a lot and is very unstable.

It takes a long time to load web site, youtube videos and I can't even have a normal whats up call (it's fine for a few minutes then it all breaks then it's fine again and so on).

My speed is usually around 40mbits and around 5 in the morning it goes to 60mbits but during the mentioned times it's around 2mbits but very unstable hence the whats up breaking up.


I tried this:

Edited Access Point as advised by your support agents & your in store employees.

Tried switching to 3g only (same thing).

Tried it on two different mobile phones, got a replacement SIM card, called your phone support numerous times and chatted to your chat support on a bunch of occasions.

Last time I was told you were going to open a case for technical support but the following day I got a phone call while I was working and was unable to answer (09:05 am).

Followed by an email saying it there is no problems.


I understand there will be slower times when your network is under stress (get more cell towers if you have that many users) but 2mbits is not even 3g...

I would like to be able to call home after work or watch a youtube video in proper resolution and not stare at a blank screen while everything is loading.


It also doesn't matter where I am. Went to your store on Patrick street, Cork same thing as where I live (which is about 12 min walk from there). Also I was told that your coverage is great on my home address.


Please provide me with some help as this is certainly not acceptable.




Re: 4G Speed slows down can't use internet properly.

3 Community Manager

Hi Dino, thanks for reaching out to us here and welcome to the 3Community. I appreciate that you've done a bit of troubleshooting with your phone. I'd like to have a closer look at your account and the investigation. Can you PM me your number, full name, address and date of birth, please? Deb

Re: 4G Speed slows down can't use internet properly.





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