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  • 20-06-2017
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Manage your Money the Smart Way with 3Money

by on ‎20-06-2017 01:59 PM - last edited on ‎20-06-2017 02:05 PM by 3 Community Manager (6,919 Views)




Just arrived in Ireland and want an easy way to manage your money? Look no further than 3Money. The 3Money card is a prepaid MasterCard that you can use to manage your cash and as proof of funding in Ireland. You can use the card to transfer money from your home bank account, withdraw money from ATM’s in Ireland or abroad, and for shopping online and in store.



Why sign up to 3Money?

  • It’s easy: you can apply online at ie/money, or drop into a Three store and we’ll sign you up in minutes.
  • International transfers: top up your card with money from your bank account at home, or get funds from family and friends overseas.
  • Secure: don’t worry if your card is lost or stolen - your money is safe with us.
  • Manage your money easily: See your spending online and download statements to use as proof of funding.


How to sign up

3Money is available to Three Ireland customers who are aged 18 or over. Simple call into your nearest Three store apply online at to get started.

Once you’ve signed up, you will need to activate your card here.



Upgrading your Card

When you first get your 3Money card, you’ll have a top up limit of €2500 and a daily limit of €350. If you want to increase your top up limit to €25,000, your daily limit to €500 and use your card abroad, you’ll need to upgrade your card. Here’s how:


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Upload a picture of your passport here, along with picture of a letter confirming your attendance at a language school.

You then have 3 months to provide proof of address in Ireland, such as a utilities bill.


Once you have proof of address such as a utility or phone bill, send a picture of the bill to

You will be contacted by 3Money shortly after, explaining if your documents have been accepted and if your card has been upgraded.



Topping up your card

There’s a few ways to top up your 3Money card:

  • Purchase a top up in a Three store, Payzone outlets and Omnivend Kiosks. Apply the top up on your 3Money app, on the website or by texting TOPUP followed by the 10-digit 3Money top up code to 50308 from your Three mobile.
  • Use your debit card on the app or online.
  • Via international bank transfer (up to €5000) – see details below.


International Bank Transfer

To top up your card via international bank transfer:

  1. Log in to your online banking account or visit your bank. You will need to send the funds to BNP via swift.
  2. Fill in the following details of the SWIFT form:

Beneficiary Bank

BNP Paribas Dublin


Ultimate Beneficiary Payment Institution

Prepaid Financial Services


Client IBAN Number

Enter 3Money IBAN

How to get IBAN:

1.     Login to your 3Money account

2.     Click on “Top up your Card”

3.     Scroll down to “By Bank transfer”  

Intermediary / Correspondent Bank:

For Euro* payments the Correspondent Bank is:
BNP Paribas Paris

*For other currencies please refer to this PDF

Intermediary Bank Identifier Code (BIC)

For Euro* payments the Correspondent Bank is:

*For other currencies please refer to this PDF


You will have to cover the cost of sending funds. Transfer of international funds depends on the sending bank. Once funds are received at the intermediary bank, they will be processed onto your 3Money card within 24 hours.



Provide proof of funds for your visa

Did you know you can use your 3Money card statement as proof of funds for your visa? Log into your 3Money account and go to ‘Transaction History’. From there you can download a pdf, showing your balance and transactions.