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  • 20-06-2017
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Manage your Money the Smart Way with 3Money

by on ‎20-06-2017 01:59 PM - last edited on ‎27-04-2018 02:53 PM by 3 Community Manager (8,634 Views)

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Are you ready to shop, save and spend your way? 3Money is the safe, secure prepaid Mastercard exclusive to Three customers. Just add money whenever you like to shop online and in stores, pay with a tap or use at ATMs in Ireland or abroad. And because you can only spend what you add, you’re in control.


Why join 3Money?


Getting started is easy. Just apply online at, or drop into a 3Store and we’ll sign you up!


Safe and secure

Don’t worry when shopping online! Your money is protected against fraud. And if your card is lost or stolen, we’ll keep your balance safe.


Track your spending

Track exactly what you spend using the 3Money app so you can manage your money more easily.


Easy top up

Topping up is simple – online, on the 3Money app, in any 3Store, at Payzone outlets and Omnivend kiosks nationwide.


How to sign up

3Money is available to Three Ireland customers who are aged 18 or over. Simple call into your nearest Three store apply online at to get started.

Once you’ve signed up, you will need to activate your card here.


Save with Wallets

3Money isn’t just for spending, with Wallets you can put money aside for special occasions, a rainy day or your next holiday.


Five Wallets

Create up to five wallets to set aside money for special events.


Set targets

Give each wallet a name and set targets to track your progress.


Move money easily

Move money easily between wallets and your card without charges.


Spend from the card

Your savings can’t be spent until you move them back to your card.


3Money app

The 3Money app lets you track everything at a glance anywhere.

  • Add money using your debit card.
  • Check your balance.
  • Track your spending.
  • Save money with Wallets.
  • Switch contactless payment on or off.
  • Search for ‘3Money’ in your app store.


Upgrade your 3Money card

When you first get your 3Money card, you’ll have a top-up limit of €2500 and a daily limit of €350. Upgrading your card gives you great extra features like higher top-up limits, international ATM usage and more.


Higher limit

Top up by €500 daily, up to €25,000 a year.


Made to travel

Safer than cash - use international ATMs just like you would at home.


Send and receive money

Send money to and receive money from other 3Money users.


Bank top up

Top up your 3Money card from your online bank account.


Upgrade today


  1. Login to your 3Money account at or on the 3Money app.

  2. Upload your ID and proof of address.

  3. We’ll review your documents and get back to you within two working days.
  1. Alternatively, email your ID and proof of address to

Top up your way


Add up to €350 a day (or €500 if you upgrade). Topping up is easy. Just choose what works for you and never spend more than you add.


  • Use your debit card on the 3Money website or app.
  • Buy a top-up voucher in Three stores and many convenience stores.
  • Add money from your bank account.

International Bank Transfer

To top up your card via international bank transfer:

  1. Log in to your online banking account or visit your bank. You will need to send the funds to BNP via swift.
  2. Fill in the following details of the SWIFT form:

Beneficiary Bank

BNP Paribas Dublin


Ultimate Beneficiary Payment Institution

Prepaid Financial Services


Client IBAN Number

Enter 3Money IBAN

How to get IBAN:

1.     Login to your 3Money account

2.     Click on “Top up your Card”

3.     Scroll down to “By Bank transfer”  

Intermediary / Correspondent Bank:

For Euro* payments the Correspondent Bank is:
BNP Paribas Paris

*For other currencies please refer to this PDF

Intermediary Bank Identifier Code (BIC)

For Euro* payments the Correspondent Bank is:

*For other currencies please refer to this PDF


You will have to cover the cost of sending funds. Transfer of international funds depends on the sending bank. Once funds are received at the intermediary bank, they will be processed onto your 3Money card within 24 hours.

Provide proof of funds for your visa

Did you know you can use your 3Money card statement as proof of funds for those on an international visa? Log into your 3Money account and go to ‘Transaction History’. From there you can download a pdf, showing your balance and transactions.