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  • 14-09-2016
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Updating your Account Information

by on ‎14-09-2016 12:07 PM - last edited on ‎22-03-2018 04:34 PM by 3 Community Manager (1,071 Views)

Updating Account Info.jpg


Did you know you can you update your address, email address and billing options anytime online when it suits you? It's #3MadeEasy Smiley Happy



To change your contact details, including your billing address, log into My3 at and go to My Details.


Here you’ll see My phone numbers, My email address, My Address and Change How Three Contact Me. You can edit each section right there and then, and they’ll take effect from the start of your next bill date.




To see what add-ons you have in place, or to add any more, log into My3 and go to My Allowance.

Here you’ll see how much of your allowance is left, what add-ons you have at the moment, and you can click ‘Buy Add-ons’ to see what else is available.


You can also review your payment options and switch to eBilling if you currently receive your bills in the post. Check out Switching to eBilling for more.


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If you have any questions, why not search our forum, or post a question, where the entire Community can help.



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