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  • Three_Sheena
  • 29-03-2016
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Topping Up Made Easy

by on ‎29-03-2016 04:14 PM - last edited on ‎10-04-2018 05:48 PM by 3 Community Manager (4,657 Views)


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Have you ever ran out of the credit when you needed it most and the nearest shop is closed or too far away? Perhaps you’re travelling and need call credit to call home. Or maybe you’re just having a lazy day and don’t want leave your house to top up – we’ve all been there!


Relax. We’ve made it simple to top up online, by text message or mobile banking without having to move, even when abroad. Here’s how:



As a Three customer, your best friend is your My3 account. It’s the one-stop place to manage everything about your account. You can top up using My3: either by logging into your My3 account online or using the My3 App. Simply click the ‘Topping Up’ section.


If you have not topped up using My3 before, you will need to register a payment card. Find out more about registering a payment card here.


Once you’ve topped up, you’ll receive a confirmation text. If you usually top up around the same time each month, you can schedule regular top ups on My3, or set up an automatic low balance top up.


Instant Top Up

For a fast and easy way to top up, visit our Instant Top Up page and input your phone number, card details and the amount you wish to top up by. You can also top up a friend or families number using this service.



If you’ve previously registered a payment card on My3 (see above) with us, you can free text TOPUP, the amount and the last 4 digits of your card to 50100 – e.g. TOPUP 20 1111. 



You can top up by calling 1744 – just have your payment card to hand if you haven’t already registered a card on My3.


ATM & Mobile Banking

AIB customers can easily top up their Three account by either signing into their mobile banking app and choosing ‘Mobile Top Up’ or visiting an AIB ATM.


Topping Up Abroad

On holiday or working abroad? No worries – you can still top up. Find out about topping up abroad here.


Tired of topping up? Check out our billpay plans.

Have a question? Let us know on the Community or Private Message our Mods.

on ‎08-05-2016 11:56 AM

Hi there, your number is your username would you like me to change this for you? Are you looking to top up your phone? 


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