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  • Three_Sheena
  • 23-06-2015
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The My3 App

by 3 Community Manager ‎23-06-2015 04:42 PM - edited ‎10-10-2017 09:18 AM (4,064 Views)


Have you checked out our updated My3 app? It is available for free on iPhone and iPad here, or for Android here. If you already have the app, don't forget to update it to the latest version to make sure you're getting the most out of it.


The My3 App helps you manage your account wherever you are. It works with mobile data so that you can access My3 without having to sign in. But don't worry - using it is totally free!


There are 5 sections:


My3 account.

Here you can:

  • View your plan and a breakdown of allowances (Prepay & FlexiFix only)
  • See your current spend & cash credits (Prepay & Flexifix only)
  • Top up (Prepay & Flexifix only) and buy add ons*
  • View a summary of your last bill, and review recent bills
  • See other ways to pay your bill
  • Check your contract end date
  • Get an upgrade*

* For now, these options bring you to My3 mobile, but soon they’ll be included in the app.



Get useful information and help with all areas of your account, including Getting Started, Billing and Payments, Topping Up, Upgrades and more.


Setting up.

New to My3? Don't worry, our quick guides are here to help you get up and running. At the moment, they open in your phone’s browser but they'll be included in the app very soon.



Lighten up and have some fun with our bubble popping game. But watch out, it’s addictive!



Find out how to get in touch, find your nearest store and have your say in our feedback section.


What should you do if you're having issues with the app?

If you're having issues with the My3 app you should check that you're on a Three mobile network and have good coverage.


Now check that:

  • Wi-Fi is turned off
  • Airplane mode is off
  • Your mobile data connection is on
  • Data roaming is on
  • Data saving apps are not being used (e.g. Onavo)


It’s best to turn off Wi-Fi when using the app. But don't worry you won't be charged for data. When you open My3 using Three’s mobile data, there’s no need to log in.


If you’re using an Android phone (version 4.0 or higher) it will switch to mobile data even if you're on Wi-Fi. If you have an iPhone, iPad or an older Android phone, you'll have to turn off Wi-Fi to use the My3 app.


If you keep Wi-Fi on, you'll be brought to the web version of My3. Most phones have a menu at the top of the screen where you can just tap Wi-Fi to turn it off.


If you're enjoying the app you can leave us a review in the Google Play Store or the App store, or let us know what you think here on the Community Smiley Happy 


If you haven't already registered, now is a good time to do so. Register now >>