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  • 02-08-2019
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How to set up Scheduled Top-Ups

by 3 Community Manager ‎02-08-2019 01:19 PM - edited ‎11-10-2019 02:29 PM (1,153 Views)

Scheduled Top Ups Header.png


How to set up Scheduled Top-Ups

A scheduled top-up is where your number is automatically topped up every 28 days by using your credit or debit card. You can select the first date to top-up, the amount and the 28-day scheduling takes care of the rest 👍


Benefits of a Scheduled Top-up

  • You’ll never run out of your All You Can Eat Data.
  • Eliminate the need to remember WHEN to top up.
  • Avoid going outside of your plan and being charged €1.01 per MB.

Your €20 top-up will give you All You Can Eat Data ( link to plan), Unlimited text, and Unlimited calls to 3 customers for 28 days. When your 28 days are up, your promotion will end and you’ll be charged €1.01 per MB. To put that into context, viewing one photo online uses 7MB (approx.) which results in a €7.07 charge. So here are the steps to setting up your scheduled top-up and we also have a really cool short video to guide you through these steps. Have a look 👇




  1. Login to your My3 account via the website My3 here. Setting up a scheduled top-up is not available via the My3App.
  2. When you are logged in, you’ll see a layout like the below for your Home Page/Dashboard.
  3. In the Topping-up tile, select “online and scheduled top-up”.


  1. Set up a default payment card. Add this under “My Payment Cards”.( see image below)
  2. Fill out the default card details and save.
  3. From the side menu, >topping-up > online top-up > scheduled top-up ( see image below)



  1. Select “Add 28 day Top up”



  1. amount = €20 and the date you want the top-up to start.
  2. Click “SAVE”

Taaa-daaaa, you’re all set up for a scheduled top-up 💪



How to update your card details.

When you receive a new debit or credit card, you’ll need to update the details on My3 to ensure that your scheduled top-up isn’t interrupted.

  1. Login to My3 via the website
  2. Click on the Topping Up tile
  3. From the menu on the left-hand side, select Payment cards management.
  4. Select “edit” next to the card you want to update.
  5. Update the expiry date and the CCV number.
  6. Click save.



Follow this link for other ways to top up 👉 here

Tired of topping up? Check out our Billpay plans 👉 Billpay


Have a question? Let us know on the Community.


on ‎08-08-2019 12:49 PM
Great idea now tell me who will be responsible if there is a delay in processing the scheduled auto topup ? Does 3 guarantee if my payment method is in good order that I will not be charged for data while I have a 28 day scheduled topup instruction in place ?
Say my current prepay ayce data expires on the 1st (at midnight) should I request a 28-day scheduled top up for the 1st or the 2nd?
on ‎08-08-2019 01:13 PM

I'd request it from the 1st. If there's an issue with the top up you get told as such. I think if it's a system issue caused by Three it's given back but if it's a bank issue then it's not. So if that happens just PM the mods here. Think thats pretty fair. @Mopi 

on ‎08-08-2019 02:09 PM
Thanks Mac, having lost hundreds of euros over the years to going beyond precise terms of ayce I'm playing cautious. One thing I do know is that 3s sms warnings usually arrive after all credit (or a sizable chunk) has expired.
Are you using this 28 day auto topup on prepay for ayce data ?
on ‎08-08-2019 03:48 PM

@Mopi yeah ayce for a while now on prepay (well I have a prepay and billpay) scheduled top up never leaves me down apart fro when my card was replaced as I lost it (bank sent me a new card with the same number but diff exp date) I failed to update the card and because the expiry date was different the top up failed. I still check each month on my3 app out of habit but it has helped me with the poor memory!

on ‎14-08-2019 06:05 AM
@Mac_n_cheese I was trying to 'thumbs-up' your previous post but I cannot find a way to do it on my phone. Ditto to finding a quick way to address this reply to you.
I decided to topup manually this month and it was a fun experience. The 1744 system blocked me from using my registered card because I misremembering some PIN, after 2 chat sessions and 40 minutes wasted 3.india support told me it would take 24 to 48 hours to unblock my access. So at 00:01 I tried using the send a text message to 50100 method but that system was 'unavailable at the present time, please try later'. At about 00:03 I used the my3 app to topup and that worked. From limited experience I know the ayce data doesn't switch to chargeable until about an 20 minutes after midnight. The point of retelling this is to point out the perils of trusting 3s systems.
I do have a question ;-)
Ayce data expires at 23:59 so a topup needs to be performed at 0:00 or very shortly thereafter to avoid data charges. The blurb about scheduled topups says the topup will be processed around midday. I cannot reconcile an ayce data cycle the runs from midnight to midnight with a scheduled topup cycle that runs noon to noon and yet it works for you.
Final observation on 3s systems. This message is being autosaved at
8:02 AM but the time now is 06:02.
I miss boards which is really saying something.
on ‎14-08-2019 10:47 AM
I switch my data off before midnight and I turn it on again once I get the message that the top up applied which is around mid day but sometimes earlier. See you're posting under a blog but you should have just created a new topic under prepay board. Nevertheless, my auto save says 10:43 and that's correct so not sure what happened to yours. No thumbs up on mobile site but it's there on desktop. Topics is usually how members talk to each other about specific things whereas I believe the comments here are for saying " that's a good blog or here's some more info you're missing ect...." Boards is in the past @Mopi hahaha let it go 😊

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