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  • Three_Ashling
  • 05-01-2017
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How To: Upgrade your Phone

by 3 Community Manager on ‎05-01-2017 03:57 PM - last edited on ‎07-02-2019 05:00 PM by 3 Community Manager (3,823 Views)


Upgrade Your Phone.jpg


Want a shiny new phone? Fear not – it’s really easy to check your upgrade eligibility with Three.  


We offer our bill pay customers an upgrade from 3 months (90 days) before their contract is up. For example, if your contract is up on 31st December 2017, you are entitled to an upgrade from 30th September 2017. You can check if you're eligible on your My3 Account under the ‘Mobile & Plan’ section, click ‘Check if you can upgrade’.



How to Upgrade:


Check with our Mods:


Our 3 Moderators will be delighted to help you with your upgrade. They can go through your options and place your order for #EasyPeasy

To get in contact with a 3 Moderator  just send them a PM and here they are 👉 Meet the 3 Moderators 





If you use the My3 App, tap the ‘My3 Account’ button, followed by ‘Upgrade Now’.






Both Billpay and Prepay customers can also check what upgrades are available to them on our e-shop upgrade page.


For more information on using our e-shop, see our ‘Online Orders and Returns’ guide here.


Please note: If you had a phone insurance policy with Three SOS, you will need to add it again when upgrading. 


Have a question about upgrading? Feel free to private message our mods or use the handy webchat tool on our website You can also check out our Community.



by NewName1
on ‎12-02-2017 10:24 PM
I can't login to my3 account
by 3 Staff
on ‎13-02-2017 09:18 AM

Hey 👋  Just to let you know I've updated your username as you can't use your mobile number (You're sharing your personal info on a public forum).


What's happening when you try to log in and I'll get it checked? 😊


Is it the same on the app and on a desktop? 




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