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  • Three_Sheena
  • 30-03-2017
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Changing My Plans: My First Bill

by on ‎30-03-2017 04:35 PM - last edited on ‎15-07-2019 03:32 PM by 3 Community Manager (880 Views)

Changing Plans.jpg


Your first bill may seem higher than you were expecting but this is nothing to worry about. Here we’ll explain how your first bill works after you’ve changed your plan.


If you receive your bill in the post, it will help if you have it with you as we go through the process, alternatively you can review it online using My3.


The first thing to note is that when you change your plan, the change doesn’t start until your billing date (the date on the top right hand side of your bill). So until this date you are still on the previous plan.


You will be charged for your first month’s line rental in advance.

As standard for bill pay accounts, you are charged for the line rental on your first bill, one month in advance and this is reflected on your bill as ‘Total Monthly Charges’.






This bill will include any out of bundle charges from the previous month, or any outstanding payments on your account.

This includes any chargeable services you used in the previous month, like international calls, internet usage outside your allowance or calls and texts outside your allowance. This is outlined on your bill’s front page as ‘Total usage summary’ (see below).






Your out of bundle charges are outlined on Page 2 of your bill as Out of Allowance Summary. See the below sample where the out of allowance summary is broken down. Here you can see where these costs are coming from.




If you’re still unsure of anything, why not search our forum, or post a question, where the entire Community can help.


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