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IMEI Not recognised

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I filled out the forum to get an unlock code as I am travelling abroad and need to use a different sim.
The email I got back said they did not have any record of my IMEI on file.
I'm confused because I've confirmed this is definitely my IMEI number. I have gotten my phone screen fixed before, I used to be with 02, I don't know if those things will affect my problem in anyway though.
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Re: IMEI Not recognised

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Hi Sarah 👋 Was the phone bought from a Three store or had it ever been repaired or replaced? Could you send me a PM with the IMEI and your details and I'll check this out?

Re: IMEI Not recognised

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I've a similar problem. I was with 02, then got switched to 3. I have since left 3 when the changes occurred in the contracts. I am now with Vodafone. I want to unlock my old phone that I bought when I was originally with 02, then switched to 3 to give to my sister. 3 is not recognising my Iemi number, even though it is the correct number. Please respond and help. I just want this to be a straight forward thing.
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Re: IMEI Not recognised

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Hi @Login, where did you purchase the phone? Can you PM your IMEI, number, address and date of birth please? I'll look into this further then. Karen 

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