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cancellation prepay add-ons

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hi! I didn't know about 500MB internet add-ons are expiring in 1 month. I bought the internet add-ons three times (1500MB), but it has become useless. Because I bought these as soon as I top-up, so these are finishing at the same time when my Free internet allowance expire in. So I'd like to cancel my decision, can I? T T


Re: cancellation prepay add-ons

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Hi jeong, once an add on has been activated, it can't be cancelled. Once you top up by €20, the plan will expire after 30 days. You get All You Can Eat Data, Three to Three calls, unlimited texts and unlimited weekend calls. The add ons also expire after 30 days of purchasing them. I'd recommend purchasing the add on one at a time. 

Re: cancellation prepay add-ons

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thank you for your comments. if i knew that the add ons also expire after 30 days of purchasing them, i wouldn't buy that. but your websites were showing error for buying add ons. and when i bought add ons by call 1577, i've never heard of notification about policy that expring after 30 days...


anyway, even add ons in queue can't be cancelled (one seems activated and the other two seems non-activated), can it? 

Re: cancellation prepay add-ons

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‎28-03-2017 01:43 PM
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Once the add on is purchased you wouldn't be able to cancel it as it would have been applied to your account. 

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