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Incorrect bill



My e-mail is related to the "You have spent EURO XX.XX on internet services" message. Since I'm a prepay user, Three must not charge any money of my account without my consent but cut the internet service after the period instead, otherwise I don't see the point in having a pre-pay service... Anyway, my problem is:


My previous top-up was 20€ the 16th of March. I know that the period is not 30 days anymore, but 28, so I count 28 days from that top-up date and my pre-pay allowance ended yesterday, 13th of April. Then, I do top-up 20€ again today Saturday, 15th. That means that I was consuming internet out of period for the day in between, the 14th. But Three charges me with 32.09€ extra for "out of allowance period" for extra 31.932 Mb of data, which is not true. In fact, my android data usage monitor logs 2.48GB for that extra day, not 32GB!!


I want to get this sorted out..

Thank you very much!




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Re: Incorrect bill

Hi jaicarus, the plan expires every 30 days. The changes in relation to the top date doesn't come into affect until the 15th of May. If you lasted topped up on the 16th of March, your plan would of expired on the 15th of April. I can look into this if you send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth. 

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