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Charged €50 for 50mb of data

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I just lost all my credit because of this.


Data usage this month    

Internet  50.427 Mb€50.67


This is the height of absurdity. I was not even using my phone at the time. Please reverse these crazy charges for using a pittance of data after my monthly all you can eat expired.




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Re: Charged €50 for 50mb of data

That's the standard out of tariff charges for data.
Set up a reminder to topup every 27 days

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Re: Charged €50 for 50mb of data

Hey NeoPadovani 👋 Take a look here at our Out Of Bundle rates 👉 👍

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Re: Charged €50 for 50mb of data

So you'll charge €20 for "all you can eat data" but spend 30 seconds of internet outside your plan and you'll eat 50 of credit? You might expect charging per MEGABYTE in 1997 but in 2017 that amount of data is effectively nothing. This amounts to a piratically infinite charge that is completely unusable outside of bundle.


This is caveman stuff.

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