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I'm interested in upgrading to a new handset. I was on classic flex max up to last month and am now on unlimited flex max sim only. I want to switch back to classic flex max and get an iPhone 7 plus but the prices showing online for an upgrade seem to be the same as for new customers and are substantially more expensive than other networks are charging with similarly priced plans. Can you advise if there is an error with the upgrade price showing. When I upgraded to my current 6 plus the upgrade price was 100e less than the new customer price and half the price being advertised for the updated model at the minute - 279 vs 499.

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Re: Upgrade

Hi Donna123, you can pop into your local Three store, apply online or give our sales team a call on 1800949560 to set you up. If you apply online, please select the new customer option. 

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