Questions regarding mobile broadband

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Hi, I am planning to purchase the 250GB data allowance deal for 69.99 euro a month on 12 months bill pay. I have a few questions if someone would be kind enough to answer them:

-I have a 4G Eir sim for my phone which i hook up to my gaming console using wifi hotspot. I get around 18mbps down and around 2-3mbps up. Will I get a similar connection with 3?(while using a Huawei router)

-Is there a 14 day cooling off period for this particular offer?

-This may be a stupid question but do the routers have built in hotspot?

Thank you if you read all of this and I hope to get answers soon

Brandon Fogarty
Posted From HTC 510

Re: Questions regarding mobile broadband

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Hi Brandon 👋  I'm delighted to hear you're thinking of joining us. In order to know what kind of broadband speeds you'd be looking at, I'd need you to send me a PM with your address. There is a 14 day cooling off period when you purchase our broadband online. Take a look at this link  👉 it gives you all the info you need on our 14 day cooling off period. I'm not quite sure what you mean by your last question Brandon. Can I get a little more info on this from you? All our broadband devices are wireless so you won't have to worrying about wires to connect. Ashlee 

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