Opt out of new contract change

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I received notification yesterday of the contract change via text message. I rang 1913 yesterday on my way home from work and spoke with a lovely agent. I explained that this change would impact on my budge and explained that I wanted to opt out of contract. I have been a bill pay since 2011.
Well, what was to follow can only be described as a honey nut cluster of incompetence. I was advise that I had to port away by 19th May ( that's do-able) but on arriving home I established that they ceased my account! Wow! Thought I was the one ending the relationship.
Anyway 2 days now being passed from kiran, dimple, deek**bleep**, salu, saul, Clive, Ellen, deek**bleep** again and the dimple and still not passed on to tech support!having been given a case ref number ☹️ Chat transcripts are actually haliarious to read but no one will actually help. I have shut down the device a billion times, manually applied the network settings blah blah but still no service!
Other agents on the chats have disconnected the chats. All I want is to bring my number to another provider can this be still done? Is there an actual tech support section? Surely there are Sla's in place! i am absolutely shocked at the lack of "support". Here's hoping that at some point my service will be restored so I can move else where! Oh and the agent on the call stated that my phone would be unlocked "rest assured"
Can anyone help??
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Re: Opt out of new contract change

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Hi Firesprung, I'll check this all out for you. Can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth, please? 

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