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Loyal Customer

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I have been a loyal customer of 3 since the year 2000 when the company was known as Digifone and later O2. I have never once received a free upgrade despite being on a bill pay plan since 2012. It has come to the point where I may have to finally leave the network as there is no incentive for me to stay. I was due an upgrade since Saturday, 8th April but was told I would have to pay €199 for a Samsung Galaxy S7 on another 24 month plan having signed a 24 month contract in July 2015. I currently pay €45 per month which, is a lot for a student. Do long term loyal customers who have never once failed to pay a bill no longer matter to 3? I was in contact with the upgrade team earlier and was told the price plans were fixed and it was no problem if I left for another mobile network. What happened to old fashioned customer values where they would do their utmost to retain and improve the experience for the consumer? I think it's time to leave and take my business elsewhere.




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Re: Loyal Customer

Well Said Paul


Very well put although I do fear your resoning will fall on VERY deaf ears.


And some of those Ears, I think have Very Little between them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Loyal Customer

Hi there, if you can send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth, I'll look into your options. 

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