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Samsung Galaxy J3 - Network Unlock Code



I need a network unlock code for my Samsung Galxy J3. I tried everything but every time, I have a negative answer from Three. Now I'm living in Belgium and I need my phone for another network. 


I tried with this link twice:

And I had this answer: 

"We’ve received your request for the Network unlock code; however, we’re unable to issue one to you at this time.
The information you supplied to us via our online form was either incomplete or does not match the information we have registered to your account. At this time we ask that you resubmit the network unlock code form at, ensuring that all of the required fields are completed in full.


Then I tried with this link:

And I had the answer: 

"The IMEI 35xxxxxxxxxxxx was never registered to a mobile number account. Please contact us to register the device. If the IMEI is used with a Prepay number, there must be a top up of 150 euro on the account after registration, excluding free credit, before the unlock code can be provided. You can verify your IMEI by dialling *#06# on the device to be unlocked.
If your device is locked to another network (e.g., Vodafone, Meteor), you must contact that network operator to obtain a network unlock code.
If you ever need to network unlock another device then you can submit the unlock request online.
Just fill in the request form at and we'll get in touch."


I have a prepaid number since June 2016, I spent more than 150€ on it and I am sure of the IMEI I provided. 

The smartphone is a Galaxy J3, model number SM-J320FN, serie number R58H70BCPLD. 

I bought the phone a few months with a Three offer on it after I had the sim card from Three directly. 
I don't know what to do anymore. I really need help! 
Thank you very much! 






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Re: Samsung Galaxy J3 - Network Unlock Code

Hi @Aurore, can you PM your details and I'll check this out for you now?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy J3 - Network Unlock Code

Hi Kelly, 


Thank you very much for your answer. I sent a PM. Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Galaxy J3 - Network Unlock Code

Kelly was fantastic in the resolution of my problem. She advised me well to find a solution and now my phone is unlock!!! Thank you very much for her help!!