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Three SOS Insurance

by 3 Moderator on ‎17-08-2016 02:06 PM - last edited on ‎22-03-2017 11:38 AM by 3 Moderator (2,197 Views)

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So, you've just got a shiny new phone? You can't put it down and you don't know how you ever lived without it. Unfortunately, theft of smartphones is on the rise. Even if disaster strikes, it helps to be covered.




Three SOS is underwritten by Zurich insurance plc and offers you a fast and simple solution if disaster strikes and you happen to lose or damage your phone.


With Three SOS your phone is protected against accidental damage (including water damage), theft and loss whether your billpay or prepay customer.


The policy also covers your accessories (up to €150), courier service so your phone can be delivered to your door and you can also receive a loan phone so you’re not offline while you’re waiting for your claim to be processed.


Mobile cover starts from €3.99/month and allows for up to 2 claims per year. For full details on how to add a policy or make a claim see http://www.three.ie/insurance/


If you already have insurance covering your phone and want know more about your policy and what it covers, drop us a PM.


Repairing your phone

Whether you accidentally damaged your phone, or if your phone isn't working properly, find out how to repair your phone with Three


by Anonymous
on ‎17-08-2016 06:54 PM

would i be correct in thinking a Galaxy Note 7 would be the same cost as the policy for an Apple iphone 6?

by 3 Staff
on ‎18-08-2016 06:17 PM

We're still waiting on confirmation of prices for this @tigger1962- watch this space for more info Smiley Happy 

by Klimek73
on ‎17-01-2017 04:07 PM - last edited on ‎25-01-2017 09:18 AM by 3 Community Manager

Hi, my phone Samsung S7 Edge was stolen 8 days ago. I reported theft to Garda and Three within 3 hours. I got email from insurance company that they will contact me within 24 hours but that never happened. I was every single day in the store in Grafton Street to ask what's going on but the guys said me that it's out of their hands and nobody helped me. Without any phone I couldn't call customer service. Finally after 4 days I had a chance to call insurance company and they said me that my claim is declined because I didn't report theft to Three within 24 hours which is lie! I got the proof by email from Three customer service that my phone was reported and blocked and was blacklisted. If I wouldn't call them on Friday I wouldn't find out that my claim was declined. Nobody from insurance company never contacted me! The same situation is now. I appealed sending all proofs and reports and only one massage I got back was that they will contact me within 24 hours. And again nothing Smiley Sad

I really don't know what to doSmiley Sad

Should I send this case to small claims court?

I feel like they don't respect me at all in three sos!


by 3 Staff
on ‎18-01-2017 04:22 PM

Hi there, can you PM your details (number, address and DOB) and I can look into this further. Karen 👍

by Klimek73
on ‎18-01-2017 04:41 PM - last edited on ‎25-01-2017 09:19 AM by 3 Community Manager

Thanks a lot for your answer. I was told that my claim was declined because
I didn't report theft of my phone within 24 hours which is not truth. I
attach documentation of my report. The accident happened 9th of January. As
you can see on suspension proof the phone was blacklisted the same day.


*edit - removed personal info*

by Klimek73
on ‎20-01-2017 06:39 PM

As I wrote before my Samsung S7 Edge was stolen 11 days ago. After long fight with insurance company finally I have got phone call from them yesterday and they told me that my phone will be delivered to my address and only the color of the phone will be diffrent  ( my phone was gold and as she told me they have only black one) . I was really happy to get my phone back. I've got delivery today after 4pm. But only the box was from Samsung S7 Edge! Inside was white Samsung ( some old model, I don't even know which one it is) . I just can't believe that! Why they lied me? What's wrong with those people? So big disappointment! What to do now???

by 3 Moderator
on ‎20-01-2017 06:49 PM

Hi Kilmek73, my colleague Martin replied to your PM. If you get in touch with the Insurance company they'll help with this. Rachel 

by Alex2205
on ‎21-08-2017 06:46 PM
Hi , my phone is damaged, and I'm paying insurance, what next??
by 3 Moderator
on ‎21-08-2017 06:58 PM

Hi Alex2205, here's a link with all the info you need on how to make a claim. 

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