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Three Recycle gadgets

by 3 Staff on ‎02-11-2016 11:46 AM - last edited on ‎29-11-2016 10:48 AM by 3 Community Manager (1,504 Views)

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We now offer a recycling service for everyone, even if you’re not a Three customer.


If you have a few old gadgets like phones, MP3 players or Sat Navs you could make some money by using Three Recycle. For every handset recycled Three will make a donation to our charity partner, An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC), an education initiative with a unique vision: to eradicate poverty and social inequality through the means of online & mobile technology. Find out more on the VCC website


What is it?

If your gadget is in good working order it’ll be tidied up before being sold on at a reduced price.

The gadgets are mainly sold in developing countries.


Devices that can’t be repaired are sent to be "end of life" recycled. The precious metals and other components that can be reused are extracted and any remaining materials are smelted for energy recovery.

Three is committed to complying with the WEEE directive. Where possible Three will ensure the reuse of old mobiles. If this isn’t possible, we’ll make sure they’re 100% recycled.


How do I avail of this service?

For full details on how to recycle your phone go to https://recycle.three.ie/


If you have further questions, check out our FAQ here or ask a Mod here on the Forum.


on ‎02-11-2016 02:52 PM
I have a samsung galaxy note 7 for you that your company refuse to take back.
by 3 Staff
on ‎03-11-2016 04:03 PM

Hey @Note7drama, our stores are taking back Samsung Note 7's and will provide a loan phone while you're waiting for your refund to process. Once you've received your refund we will call you to discuss a suitable alternative handset. 


We apologise if this comes as an inconvenience, we are working hard to ensure all our customers are given a fair return option.

If you've any questions PM me and I can take a closer look.

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